IP 360 - more power for your network

In the case of Person2Person communication, the number of different technical implementations and form-factors is relatively low. For both consumer and business users, there is an endless amount of Smartphone models, Tablets and Laptops. Nevertheless,  there are practically no divergences with regards to what all those devices do in terms of connectivity via mobile networks.

Basic Concept and Use Cases

But when it comes to M2M and IoT, the variety in terms of technical implementations, form factors and use cases is very large. This field spans from mini-trackers sending their position to Control Systems managing hundreds of sensors and interfaces. 

One of the consequences of the increase in complexity when it comes to M2M and IoT is that the number of specific needs at IP Architecture level is much higher than in the case of Person2Person. Because of this, the FREEEWAY IP Network has been designed to adapt to the diverse IP requirements that surface when machines and automated systems(and not persons) are connected. 

Foremost, FREEEWAY focuses on B2B partnerships. Our IP infrastructure and its capabilities reflects this reality. Many of our customers have B2B relationship with their own customers and this is a relationship that can be extended further on. The target of our IP360 platform is to give our customers the possibility to manage all the available capabilities on their own and eventually to let their own customers to do the same.

With IP 360 you can cover your own IP needs and those of your customers.

Issues such as the assignation and administration of of IP Numbers, VPNs or Public IP Addresses are easily addressed with IP 360.

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