Freeeway is a highly specialized M2M connectivity service provider for the entire Internet of Things world.


Freeeway’s worldwide mobile M2M connectivity solution enables you to sell smart connected products and solutions wherever you want. With our SIM cards we offer you access to hundreds of networks in nearly every country in the world, regardless of whether your product is permanently installed or on the move.


Our award winning “Management Cloud” is the most innovative M2M SIM Management solution available. It provides full control over devices, applications and M2M connectivity for you and your customers. FREEEControl, our next generation content filter & control technology, enables you to reduce connectivity costs, prevents misuse of your M2M SIM cards and lowers security-risks to a minimum.


The paradigm for whatever we do is: enable new business opportunities for our customer. We offer concepts, tools and services to create new value propositions and income streams for your connected products just by using our global M2M data SIM cards and all our connectivity solutions.

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We truly understand the needs of IoT device manufacturers and companies delivering solutions within this realm. We offer the most flexible, reasonable, secure M2M SIM Cards and connectivity services that enable new business opportunities.

Delighted Customers

We were looking for a flexible & reliable M2M Connectivity working all over Europe. The easy use and quick support convinced us to go with the Freeeway M2M SIM for our TomTom Driver Terminals.

Peter Fuhrmann
CEO, Xplus1 GmbH

Freeeway made our life dead easy and enabled a new business opportunity for us. We and our customers love the quality of the Freeeway connectivity and all the additional services.

Arek Adamiec
Technical Product Manager, Extreme Trans Sp.z.o.o

We were delighted by the network quality provided by Freeeway. The whole portfolio and the competitive price convinced us to use these professional connectivity solutions provided by Freeeway.

Axel Schempp

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