7 years of freeeway! How it all started and where are we going?

Seven years ago today, the freeeway AG was brought to life. Freeeway started as a joint venture with Mavoco, and the task was to handle connectivity for telematics companies.

Seven years ago today, the freeeway AG was brought to life. Freeeway started as a joint venture with Mavoco, and the task was to handle connectivity for telematics companies. The freeeway team noticed the increasing need of their customers to connect everything and decided to expand the business. After the employment of several salespeople, the business took off. Especially the pre-paid simHERO service developed amazingly. Today, freeeway AG is an organization with specialists to serve various customer needs in the world of M2M connectivity. Our products include now:

The development and growth of the company are exceeding our expectations. Today, freeeway AG is a fast-growing company in Vienna with almost 20 employees. A lot has changed in the last few years.

In today’s blog post, our employees, who have been part of the company for the longest time, share their beginnings, experiences, and thoughts about the changes within freeeway:

Harald Fuchs | CEO

I had the honor to take responsibility for Freeeway’s future when I joined as CEO in 2019. Coming from a corporate background, it was quite exciting to feel the spirit, energy, and culture of a small start-up company with huge ambitions. As a team, we are working hard to make IoT connectivity seamless and transparent to our clients. We invest a lot in our software and operational processes to increase our customer experience and get better day by day. With our ever-growing portfolio of mobile operator partnerships, Freeeway is truly positioned for the future to provide IoT connectivity at global scale to industries and consumers alike. Currently, all our focus is to make the sourcing of IoT connectivity for our clients as easy as possible – our vision is that Freeeway becomes a fully digital marketplace for sourcing and generating insights to IoT connectivity to derive valuable business decisions. I love being part of this exciting story.


Andrea Kempf | CFO

My first contact with freeeway was an office in Eisenstadt that actually belonged to the mother company at that time. Only 2 employees worked dedicated to selling connectivity and handling Sim cards. Nowadays, we have a nice office in Vienna, a lot of new people and a fast-growing business. I like especially the diversity that makes freeeway so unique. That will be a crucial factor for our development in the future.

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Freeeway AG Office in 2019
The first look into the Freeeway office, September 2020
New Freeeway Office – This is where the magic happens since October 2020

Josef Schreiner | Head of Sales

Coming from an industrial and corporate background, I was quite excited to join a startup basically starting with 2-3 persons involved. My excitement grew when I was asked to launch a new product from scratch (which later became simHERO). Today I am still thrilled to discover new industries and segments and customers; reminding myself how it all started 4 years ago, recognizing how far we have come and looking forward to where our journey will head us.






Peter Grimmer | Customer Support & Logistics

When I started at freeeway, the company consisted of only a few employees. For this reason, I was the only one in the support team who did all the different tasks all by myself. Today, our support team has grown by a few new employees, just like the whole company. I like to think that not only freeeway has changed and grown,  but also I have grown with every task and have learned a lot in the last years.





Andreas Krammer | Head of Technology

When I started at freeeway, we were a very small group of 4 people, and to be honest, the company had no own real identity. This might sound negative, but in the end, it was very exciting to be a part of something “new,” where you can shape the company strategy, the culture, and the future.

Over the last couple of years, we were very successful in shaping the identity of our company, and from 4 people, we grew to 20. We are now more focused than ever before on our goal of connecting everything in the industrial IoT world. I can’t share too much now, but stay tuned – the first freeeway products which go far beyond connectivity will come to life soon.

Freeeway AG Team October 2019
Our Team in November 2020
Freeeway AG Team January 2023
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