CMP - Connectivity Management Platform


Connectivity Management Platform

Our CMP is designed to enable you to seamlessly manage IoT Connectivity on a per SIM card basis from all mobile operator partners in our portfolio. Read more about the main features described below:
CMP Features

Integrated with all mobile operators in real-time

Regardless if you have Vodafone, Magenta, or any other SIM card from our portfolio in use, you can see the actual session state (online/offline) and data / SMS consumption in real-time.

CMP Features

Definition of rules per SIM card

For every SIM card, you can define specific rules and actions that are executed in real-time.

  • Block a SIM card when it is used in a territory where it should not connect.
  • Change the tariff in case the SIM card has exceeded a monthly usage profile
  • Notify via email / REST API in case a SIM card is moved from one equipment to another.

In the platform, there are about 28 rules and five action types defined that can be combined based on your needs.

CMP Features

Unified Charging models and billing

Freeeway can provide harmonized prices and price-plans of all our operator partners. In case you select multiple operators to your SIM connectivity portfolio you have a seamless operation and do not need to worry about different cost structures per operator.

CMP Features


We have defined a rich set of reports that are executed and made available by the platform. Customized reports are available upon request.

CMP Features

An Easy Order of your SIM cards ​

Every SIM card type (form-factor, temperature range, etc.) that is part of your defined portfolio can be ordered via a fully automated purchase order process. freeeway will continuously maintain your order status so that you can monitor the progress we make.

CMP Features

Change of tariffs

All contractually agreed tariffs are made available via the CMP and you can freely assigned those to your SIM cards at any given point in time.

CMP Features

A broad set of REST APIs

Our design approach is based on data and API first paradigm. Therefore we have exposed about 1000 REST APIs that can be used to integrate CMP to your environment for almost any use case.

Big data ready
CMP Features

Big data ready

All events are processed in the CMP are logged in a Hadoop data store and build the basis for insights and analytics.

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