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Find out more about Freeeway as an employer. We are always looking for motivated, goal-oriented people with a hands-on attitude. Therefore don’t be shy and apply here, even if we do not have any vacancy published on this page. Feel free to tell us why we should employ you! We want to help students to develop before starting into real working life, therefore we are always looking for interns in different departments like Marketing, Product Management, Graphics and Design and finally Development.

Are you interested in working in a dynamic team? Do you like creative freedom and enough space to develop yourself? Are you a hard-working person that loves to work with people to achieve goals and push the company forward?

If you recognize yourself when reading the questions above, then you will love to work at Freeeway.

We have a flat hierarchy, in which we all work together; from top level management to interns. We all pursue a common goal and exactly this leeds to our success. Oh yeah, we should not forget to mention that we are really polite, handsome and a pretty good team.

As a Freeeway-Team-Member you will not be stuck in strict standards. Our corporate culture is flexible and open. We have flexible working hours and will support you, if you need help. No matter what. We equip you with modern technology and give you all the things you need to make your job better. Overtime hours? Yes, they exist, but we’ll give you the flexibility you need for balance your work-life. We love our families and believe that family is the most important thing in life. And we also love dogs, so feel free to bring your pet along.

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