The perfect M2M tariff for your needs

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LOCAL DATA Germany, Poland & Austria

Your Telematics systems are used locally in one of these three countries, but still require the professional grade connectivity provided by an M2M SIM Card with National-Roaming?

Freeeway’s special LOCAL tariffs (for D, A and PL) provide you that and more: multiple networks in each country combined with our award-winning SIM Admin Portal FreeeCenter and other advanced functionalities.


  • For domestic usage: best tariff for Germany, Poland & Austria
  • National roaming: access to multiple networks in your country
  • No steering: Connect always to the strongest available network
  • Data volume: starting from 2 MB up to 300 MB
  • Services: access to our SIM Admin platform (without extra costs)
  • Secure SIM: controll your data traffic, easy simple and indivudal for each sim
  • No hidden additional costs
  • Commercial flexibility: pooling, no minimum commitments, no minimum term per sIM

Experience it for yourself

We do not only want to tell you about our service, we want you to experience it for yourself. Why not take this opportunity and order your professionell Machine2Machine Freeeway TEST SIM CARD now.

Worldwide professional M2M connectivity

The best tariffs and solutions for the telematics industry and all users who require m2m (machine2machine) communication. from local + with national roaming, right down to all of Europe, and much more.

Local +

These tariffs were designed specifically for telematics companies whose devices in a country are usually on the go, but also need foreign networks, because they go and go abroad again or operating in border areas. Local Plus is a blend of national- and international roaming. Customers get access to all national networks. Up to 30% of the volume of data can be used in other countries.

Euro Data

This tariff is aimed at companies that sell products which are being used all over Europe. The Euro tariff ensures proper functioning of the devices, availability of all networks as well as having the costs under control. Furthermore, the Euro tariff cannot only be used in the EU, but also in countries like Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey and the Balkans without additional charges. 

Euro Data +

For all enterprises that, in addition to the countries already mentioned for the Euro tariffs, also have business in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.


For companies with products that are used globally. There is a wide range of variants, which depends on the needs of our customers and are individually compiled for you in case of need. Freeeway offers you a "6-zone default best practice model" to cover all your needs.

National roaming

"National Roaming" brings an enormous advantage for many applications. No network operator in the world is able to cover the entire country with the same connection quality. A nationwide network is subject to a permanent change and cannot be compared with roadworks on motorways. Most networks have holes, as well as areas with good coverage and areas with lower availability. The distribution of the frequency bands have additional influence on the quality of the data connections. Only the choice between all networks guaranteed the best availability and the Freeeway SIM card offers you exactly that. Access to all the networks down the line.

No network steering

"Network Steering" means that a specific network is preferred in a country. This control is carried out regardless of whether it is the best available network, but is set mostly by the provider of the SIM card from economic point of view. The Freeeway SIM card does not have such mechanisms and provides always access to the best and strongest network.

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