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Global M2M SIM solution for the Healthcare industry

Remote monitoring in healthcare is possible thanks to IoT-connected devices, unleashing the potential to keep patients safe and healthy and allow physicians to deliver excellent care. Interactions with physicians have become more accessible and more efficient, increasing patient retention and satisfaction. 

The use of smart technology in healthcare has continued to evolve over the past few years. Powerful devices like smart insulin pens, connected inhalers, asthma monitors, and more have been put in the hands of consumers, allowing them to manage better and address their own health needs – and get help quickly when something goes wrong.

With healthcare costs and demographic change, mobile health is becoming an increasingly important topic.

Our customers need a high-performing communication network to send lone worker alerts to the alarm center in potential emergencies. With Freeeway IoT SIMs and services, we allow them to mobilize their LWP systems for flexible and professional use of pan-European connectivity.

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How can IoT save lives in

the healthcare industry?

It is important to note that the best part about leveraging IoT in healthcare is that IoT solutions are easy to implement and use. As such, neither the doctor nor the patient has any burden managing bulky solutions. Here are several examples of how IoT can be involved in healthcare applications (…)


  • Wearable biosensors

  • Smart thermometers

  • Connected inhalers

  • Smartwatch monitoring

  • Automated insulin delivery (AID) systems

  • Assisted Living

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