Global DATA SIM cards for business travelers!

Freeeways global DATA SIM cards will not let you down. Now we provide our Industry-grade connectivity also for Business users around the world.

Global data bundles. Longer lasting data.

Flexible Tariff: Upgrade/Downgrade your tariff as needed

Use your World SIM Tariff starting from 3c per MB

166 countries / 245 networks

Our World Data for Business is based on the same SIM Cards that we use for Industry and Life critical applications. In 166 countries and across 245 networks, you can depend on them to conduct your business and receive/send critical information at any time.

Flexible Tariff: Upgrade/Downgrade your tariff as needed

Being ourselves Business travellers, we know that from time to time everyone needs a break. With Freeeway you can upgrade and downgrade your data tariffs for a single SIM Card as needed. You can actually do it yourself online. So, no plans to travel next month? No problem, just downgrade your World Data tariff and upgrade it again when duty calls.

Different data bundles. Longer lasting data

Our Data bundles are designed to fit your business life. From 100 MB per month to several GBs, we have the right package for you. Furthermore, a Freeeway MB will last you longer than a typical Network Operator MM. Why? Because Network Operators count how much data you are using by rounding every session to 100KB. Freeeway will round sessions down to 1KB. So for Freeeway, and e-mail of 115KB means a charge of 115KB.  Not a charge of 200KB.

Use your World Tariff starting from 3c per MB

Our World Data service will be like fresh air for your budget… Because our fees are up to 98% lower than those traditional Mobile Operators charge.

It was never easier to make business overseas and stay connected! Only with Freeeways global DATA SIM card.

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