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Telematics Systems have been a commonly used technology for quite some time. Information such as the position of a truck or its driving time are transmitted in real time to a centralized location, which is accessible to Shipping Agencies and Carriers. With the increasing digitalization, more and more information needs to be distributed to different players in the logistic chain. The device in the truck is the digital co-pilot.

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Minimize Costs and Risk with a Freeeway Data SIM

Currently, we see two different concepts in the Telematics World. On one side we see closed black-boxes and specialist Tablets, where vendors have 100% control of the device. On the other side we see open devices such as android tablets where vendors have very little control of it.

A complete open device without restrictions has a risk associated to it, both in terms of cost and security. Video and streaming service can generate cost often higher than 1000 Euro per month, access to malicious sites can generate even further damages.

With FreeeControl, you can fully control the data usage. Either by listing the services that you want to allow or the services that you want to block.

Differentiate company usage from private use

FreeeControl allows also to create a differentiated bill, in which the usage for company purposes is split from the driver’s private usage. This is known from voice services but it is new for data consumption.


A pool enables a group of SIM Cards to share their cumulated data allowance. It minimizes the risk that an individual SIM Card generates costs by exceeding its individual data allowance.

The Freeeway M2M SIM card for telematics applications is designed & optimized to provide connectivity wherever you are. Connectivity gaps in Europe and also in Germany are reduced to a minimum

  • We provide access to nearly all Tier 1 networks in 166 countries Worldwide
  • Multiple Networks are available in each country also in every major country (Germany, Italy, France, the UK, Russia, the US, etc.). This can’t be offered by a Local Network Provider as they cannot offer National Roaming.
  • We don’t steer your connections towards lower cost networks (this is known as “steering”); your device can connect to the network with the best signal at any time.
  • A telematics device can also change to another network when the signal of the current network becomes weak.
  • We have a single SIM Card, which can be used wherever you need in the World.

Connectivity Supply Chain designed for Telematics Service Provider

Complexity in the Logistics Industry has grown as regulation and need for efficiency keep increasing their pressure on the whole business. Shippers have contracts with many shipping agencies, shipping agencies with many carriers, which on their turn also use sub-contractors. In addition, some new independent logistics service intermediaries have established themselves in recent years.


At the same time, Logistics has become a key differentiator for many companies is other business sectors. Companies are constantly trying to comply with increasingly tight delivery times and provide their customers with information about each step in the logistics chain.

Freeeway Truck Communicator

Freeeway offers a concept designed especially for your sub-contractors. Your subcontractor can use a Tablet with your App, your customers’ App or the App of a logistics service provider. But they can install also other apps from other forwarding agency or shippers.

We help you to determine data consumption pattern of your App and we can even generated bills differentiating data consumed by different Apps.

Unlike mobile Data Services, Voice Services are affected by regulatory and technical frameworks, which are different on a country-per-country basis.

International voice services are greatly impacted by costs for roaming, international calls or regulatory restrictions on the telephone number assignment.

No minimum order or purchase commitments.

Freeeway has developed the “FreeeVoice” App, which neutralizes some of the issues mentioned before. It also provides a flexible, cost-effective voice service designed for the use in logistics companies.

FreeeVoice - Technology for the road

The voice quality of VoIP is very dependent on the bandwidth and the quality of the IP connection.

In addition to VoIP, another technology called GSM Call-Back can be used. The advantage of this technology is that it works with any available connection technology GSM, EDGE, UMTS, LTE in uniform quality. Costs are not dependent on the number of transmitted data, but on the length of calls.

Taken in isolation, both technologies have strengths and weaknesses. In combination, they provide proven reliability, excellent voice quality and low prices.

In FreeeVoice, the App behavior, which technology is used when and how can be configured depending on the requirements of the customer.

Multiple Numbers for a single device

In classical mobile telephony a SIM card is related to only one phone number.

The telephone number range is assigned by the regulatory authority in each country to network operators.

With the FreeeVoice solution you can link individual country numbers to your SIM Card. Be it from the same or from different countries.


A German company with a subsidiary in Hungary can request a Hungarian number and a German number for the same device. With an integration into both existing PBX systems, we can even assign internal company number ranges to the SIM card.

In addition to the cost efficient calls using the FreeeVoice app, it brings following benefits:

  • The device can be reached by a local German number with a local tariff.
  • The device can be reached by a local Hungarian number with a local tariff.
  • The device can be reached cost efficiently using an internal number from the German headquarters.
  • The device can be reached cost efficiently using an internal number from the Hungarian subsidiary

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