Professional M2M SIM cards for the telematics industry

Freeeway is a highly specialized M2M SIM connectivity service provider for the entire value chain in the telematics and logistics industry.

The paradigm for whatever we do is, to enable new business opportunities for Telematics Service Provider with connected products. We offer concepts, tools and services to create new value propositions and revenue streams.

We invest in developing and refining services that allow companies to leverage the full potential of connected things and to monetize mobile machine to machine connectivity as part of their own product and service portfolio.

Our M2M SIM Management Software is Cloud-based, easy to use, easy to integrate and adapts perfectly to the business processes of our customers.
Our model is designed to operate at large-scale and serve millions of connections.

Freeeways motivation for bringing innovations to the market is, to create new income sources for Telematics Service Provider or we help them to save the cost. Some example how we turn technologies into new value propositions:

Sell your software & M2M connectivity on open platforms without risk

To sell, hardware, software and connectivity in a bundle is not new. But selling connectivity on an open device such as android tablets can become a huge problem. Either the device is closed using a MDM or Kiosk Mode or the costs for the connectivity is every month a lottery. FreeeControl allows Telematics Service Provider to control the data traffic for every single SIM Card with a single click. The network based technology is super save and can’t be broken or modified without the needed access and rights. Changes don’t require interactions on the device, they can be done centrally with a single click.

Sell connectivity to your partner

The Freeeway technology is made for a B2B2x Business Relations. You can sell connectivity to your business partner and earn with every single SIM Card.

Our Global SIM enables you to sell to any customer in the World

One SIM for the whole World. You can sell your product without changing anything related to connectivity. Our SIM works nearly on every place in the World using multiple networks access. The management of tariff plans is extremely simple and can be fully integrated in your In-house IT-System.

Sell features & options including connectivity

Selling Features or Options brings a lot of commercial benefits, the customer pays for value they get. Freeeway enables Telematics Service Provider to combine a Feature with a data volume. Whenever the customer buys the new feature, the corresponding security settings and data volume are associated to the SIM card. This can be done fully automated without user interaction.

Create your application marketplace including connectivity

To create an own Telematics Marketplace is for many Telematics Service Providers extremely important. The platform becomes a multi-purpose platform for the end customer and the customer doesn’t need to install several devices. In the same way as we do it for own features and options, we can use the FreeeControl System for selling connectivity for external applications such as Navigation, Parking or Apps from Carriers.

Offer value based prices for connectivity

Some applications generate more value to end customers than others. The same can be true for connectivity, as the data generated by an App can be more important than the data generated by another App. Freeeway provides tools and concepts to offer connectivity with different prices on the same SIM. You can charge your customer different rates for the data used by different Apps.

Telematics systems must be permanently connected, otherwise they cannot fulfill their duties. A permanent connection increases their availability and the accuracy of the data that they provide.

The Freeeway M2M data services for telematics applications are designed & optimized for use in telematics devices.

  • Our SIM Card connects to the best available network
  • Multiple Operators are also available in Germany, which can’t be offered by a German Network Provider.
  • We don’t prefer any network, the telematics device can decide
  • The telematics device can also quickly connect to another network when connectivity drops
  • We have a single SIM Card which can be used anywhere in the world

Connectivity Supply Chain designed for Telematics Service Provider

It’s a long way from the development of a new telematics hardware or software, to daily use in a truck somewhere on the road. We understand that and have our delivery process fully adapted to the needs of our customers.

Our process is simple and straightforward for our customer:

  • We provide sim cards and chips to our customers that can be built and delivered continuously.
  • The SIM cards are pre-activated and the testing of the device is free of charge
  • How much data are needed, which security settings are associated and what tariff plans the telematics device needs, can be configured quickly and easily through our FreeeCenter or via REST interfaces out of an integrated application.
  • The commercial activation starts automatically after a certain agreed volume is used.

No minimum order or purchase commitments.

In a B2B relationship both partner’s benefits from a successful business. Business risk cannot rest solely on one of the two partners. Freeeway is a B2B company and understands that. Therefore, we don’t ask you for minimum purchase order or purchase commitments.


A pool defines the sum of the allowable data consumption of all SIM cards in group and reduces. the risk that individual SIM cards come over their data limit and cause additional costs.

Virtual Pools

Freeeway is the first connectivity provider worldwide, which provides a concept for Telematics Service Provider to create pools for their customers. This allows to sell dedicated pools to end customers and reduces risks on both sides. Virtual Pools can be created for any organisation such as subsidiaries, customers, fleets or types of devices.

Monthly tariff change

Freeeway’s aim is to provide always the optimum of volume, quality and cost perspective product to telematics service providers.

But companies are using applications and features better and more intense after a while, we see in certain areas seasonal fluctuations. New versions and features are changing the data consumption behaver and required to change of assigned tariff plans.

The flexibility to change a tariff plan whenever needed, is a big benefit which Freeeway offers to telematics service providers.

Threshold, Events & Actions

Freeeway offers also mechanism to define Thresholds on virtual Pools. Once a Thresholds is reached, a trigger is fired and can launch an action such as mail to a customer or suspending the service until end of month.

How can we help you?

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