Managed Services

IoT Managed Services

Digitalisation is driving the need to manage and understand your connectivity. With the growing number of IoT devices out there, organisations face the challenge that they need more comprehensive connectivity management capabilities. However, it is not their core competency to manage networks and connectivity issues.

Freeeway addresses this need with its Managed Services capability, where we offer our software fully managed to:

Connectivity for industries

Enterprises & device manufacturers (including the SME sector)

When you experience stellar growth of your connected devices and you hit your organizational limits to manage all those connected devices, freeeway has a solution for you.

With our managed services, we provide Enterprises and Device Manufacturers the capability to integrate their own sourced connectivity to a professional Connectivity Management Platform fully operated by freeeway as a service.

Freeeway helps you to manage your device connections more efficiently and get insights to connectivity pattern – we help you to understand your connectivity. We make your connectivity transparent and help you to understand your (real) requirements.
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Connectivity for industries

Private LTE and 5G networks

Build your own BSS/OSS system based on freeeway’s CMP solution with limited upfront investment.
We support you with all processes around connectivity management all the way down to SIM Card logistics, Monitoring and Customer Support handling.
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Connectivity for industries

Connectivity Wholesale

Source your connectivity via freeeway. Become a reseller of freeeway connectivity by utilizing our technology.
Connectivity for industries

Connectivity Providers

Build your own BSS/OSS and successfully start into IoT business with commercial model that aligns to your revenue streams.

We provide

24x7 Platform Operation and Monitoring

SIM Card Logistics and fulfillment

Managing your accounts and tariff models on demand

Fully featured rating and billing processes

Hassle-free connection about which you do not need to worry.

Gain insight into your company connectivity

We support your operations by implementing our ETOM Process Model

Do you have your own
Network agreements?

In case you operate a private LTE / 5G network or as an Enterprise and you have your own operator agreements, freeeway will integrate your connectivity needs into our CMP to enable you with the essential SIM and Connectivity management capabilities to cope with your growing connected business.

freeeway Managed Services provide you all insights and billing capabilities you need to be successful in the connected world, with limited upfront investments.