Num’axes goes live as the first

IoT White-Label customer of Freeeway AG

Press Release, Num'axes the first Freeeway IoT White Label customer

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – August 1, 2022 – Freeeway AG, a Vienna, Austria-based IoT (M2M, machine to machine) connectivity service and software provider, announces NUM‘AXES as their first live White-Label customer. The platform provides customers with branded IoT SIM cards and connectivity.

Harald Fuchs, CEO of Freeeway AG says: “Freeeway’s White-Label solution enables organizations to monetize mobile data subscriptions, relieving the need for a telecoms expert or the independent development of a prepaid billing platform. Furthermore, Freeeway offers branding clients’ SIM cards, logistics, shipments, and handling. NUM´AXES is Freeeway’s first White-Label Platform partner. Freeeway’s objective is to expand the platforms’ capabilities to industrial use cases by the end of 2022 – exciting times ahead”.

For several years now, NUM’AXES has been offering a wide range of trail cameras, including cellular models. The trail cameras are used for wildlife observation or surveillance purposes. The cellular feature allows users to receive pictures on their smartphone as soon as they are captured. In order to improve customer experience and make it the most user-friendly possible, NUM’AXES decided to equip those products with a SIM card. NUM’AXES chose the FREEEWAY expertise in IoT and its new White-Label Platform to develop a NUM’AXES-Label solution. FREEEWAY’s and NUM’AXES’ teams worked in close partnership to develop the customized solution launched in June 2022.

From now on, the NUM’AXES branded data multi-operator SIM card will be included in NUM’AXES cellular trail cameras. No more search for a compatible mobile operator and maximum network coverage thanks to the multi-operator feature!

In the future, NUM’AXES hopes to offer more and more smart products and develop its IoT platform, where Freeeway’s White-Label Platform becomes an integral part.

About Num’axes

For more than 25 years, the French company NUM’AXES has been developing, manufacturing and distributing a full range of technological products intended for companion animals (educational and training collars, bark control collars, pet fencing systems, locating collars). NUM’AXES products are available worldwide, primarily in Europe.

In 2015, NUM’AXES expanded its offer with high-tech products intended for outdoor activities. That way, all nature and adventure enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite occupation in optimum conditions of comfort and security.

The NUM’AXES outdoor range includes trail cameras, thermal and night vision equipment, laser rangefinders, binoculars, two-way radios, electronic hearing protectors…

About Freeeway AG

Freeeway provides IoT connectivity with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT SIMs along with its Connectivity Management Platform. The company’s newest offering is a White-label IoT solution which allows companies across all industries to succeed in the connected world. Freeeway customers can charge their device users for mobile data usage on a pre-paid basis while increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty under their own brand.

PR Contact:

·      Freeeway AG: Kasia Gerlée,

·      NUM’AXES: Marie-Hélène Gallas,

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