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Management - MDM

Manage Android devices remotely and make deployments, distribution, and security of your Android devices a matter of seconds.

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Where all your Android devices can be controlled efficiently

Where all your Android devices
can be controlled efficiently

Making all your Android deployments a matter of minutes


You can work & make deployments at an unbeatable speed.


Straightforward steps that are easy to follow.


Deploy all your active devices from one centralized platform.

Popular Features:

Roll out Several Companies

You can roll out several companies within one client. You can use the dropdown to select the company in which you want to adjust the devices.

Mapping Hierarchy

It is possible to map out the various departments of your company based on groups and subgroups. Create application guidelines and corresponding devices for each level. You can define within the group which applications a group is authorized to use.

Managing Android devices from anywhere in the world


Forget about dealing with any complications when you manage everything from one platform.


You can make any sort of changes in seconds.


Intuitive platform with features that are easy to understand and follow.

Popular Features:

Moving Devices

If your employees change their locations or departments within the company, the assigned device does not have to be rolled out from the system. Now you can move the device to the appropriate group directly in the MDM.

User Administration

Manage your employees in the application’s user administration! Assign roles that are decisive for administration activities. You may also determine the user’s authorization.

Audit Log

Allows you to keep track of all the changes happening within the MDM software.

Policy Template & Cloning

Create your own templates for guidelines. You will be able to select them while creating a group, and they will be used as the default policy in this group. Additionally, it is possible to clone the desired policies by selecting them and adapting the new rules to your needs.

Managed Configuration

Now you can configure Managed Configuration enabled Applications Over-the-Air. Sounds complicated? It simply means that you can e.g. Setup URL Allow/Block lists in Google Chrome.

Keeping your Android devices safe from internal and external risks.


Protect your Android devices from potential threats.


One easy to use platform to ensure safety and prevent mistakes.


Quicker processes are saving you up to 80% of your time and money.

Popular Features:

Access Restriction

With the MDM policies, you can restrict the user’s access to applications and operations on the device and grant it only to use-case relevant ones.

Whitelist your Apps

The MDM enables you to select the company approved applications to spare you the stress of incoming connectivity invoice and the amount of data used via random apps.

Password Policies

Assign your own password guidelines and enforce the user to use those. If someone misuses your device, you could automatically block them.

Start managing your Android devices completely remote!

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Manage Android devices remotely and make deployments, distribution, and security of your Android devices a matter of seconds.


MDM stands for Mobile Device Management. MDM is a platform that allows companies to securely manage and monitor mobile devices used by employees. MDM solutions typically include features such as device enrolment, policy management, remote wipe of the device, and inventory management. MDM can help ensure that sensitive data is protected on mobile devices and that devices comply with company policies. Additionally, MDM can assist in quickly locating and wiping lost or stolen devices to protect against data breaches.

On your Android devices, you will be able to:

  • Configure remote mobile devices:
  • Enforce your predefined security policies
  • Monitoring the device usage
  • Your admins will be able to:
    • Map out your structure and divide devices accordingly
    • Create policies that define everything from device settings to which applications can be installed
    • Move devices between your defined company structure at the flick of a switch, making this the easiest part of your employees switching departments
    • Create custom password policies
    • Keep a log that tracks all changes happening within the MDM software
    • Go as far as to manage the configurations of individual apps. Choose which website is shown when the device browser is opened and block YouTube to avoid unexpected data charges.
    • It will give them an overview of any device information needed

Easy management of the IoT Android devices in your company. Our solution enables you to restrict your devices to key applications and use cases. In addition, you can customize your organization structure directly in the Mobile Device Management tool.

Is your question still not answered? Feel free to contact our support team via

Your question is still not answered? Feel free to contact our support team via

Start managing your Android devices easy and remotely!

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