Our technology makes the differance

Freeeway provides IoT wholesale tariffs for MVNOs. Every MVNO will get a light-weight FreeeCenter instance together with a branded portal. We enable our MVNOs to create their own IoT Tariffs by utilizing Freeeway’s IoT Connectivity, manage their own and their clients IoT SIM cards, run their individual billing cycles and provide invoices to their clients.

Companies who want to deliver or use integrated connectivity in their products are often faced with multidimensional questions:

Connected products are complex.

Issues such as geographical coverage of connectivity, quality of service, availability in each country, security, IP-Integration & routing, manufacturing-, testing, distribution, billing, settlement-, and maintenance-processes have to be reconciled with requirements of all involved business units or business partners in the value chain.

Collaborative value chains and networks

Value chains are becoming more collaborative and interlocked. The simple supplier – customer relationship is a means of the past. The chains are transforming into value networks.

Different departments, subsidiaries in many countries, outsourcing partners or reseller might need access to information or management functions. And not just in the form of people, existing IT systems need to be merged into cross-company business processes.

Fast time to market, no upfront investment.

The time it takes from idea to the launch of a product is crucial due to our hyper market situation. The faster you are in the market; the more competitive advantage you can gain. The high versatility in business plans nowadays, makes the justification of high upfront investments difficult. To reuse existing services functions as a key part in business success.

The architecture and the design of Freeeway’s technology platform was structured to solve exactly these problems.

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