FreeeCenter is the easiest way to manage your M2M SIMs


Regardless if you have 100s or 1000s of SIM Cards, FreeeCenter offers powerful administration tools to access and manage each one of your SIMs from a central location. Freeeway utilizes the MAVOCloud Platfrom from its sister company MAVOCO AG. For further details, please refer to

Freeeway CMP Platform IoT


  • Effective administration of SIM Cards, tariffs, usage, attributes and many other things
  • Freeecenter enables telematics providers to control the way they sell connectivity to their customers
  • Manage the way your customers use the embedded connectivity


All your IoT SIM cards are made available in FreeeCenter to provide you with all information that is relevant to your IoT SIM cards:

  • How much data a given IoT SIM card is currently using
  • What M2M Tariff is actually applied
  • In which device your IoT SIM card is mounted and where the device is located
  • The actual SIM status: active / non-active in the network and Billing status

A single click and you get a view of all relevant details related to your IoT SIM cards.

Freeeway CMP Platform IoT


FreeeCenter helps you to mirror your organizations setup to allocate IoT SIM cards to the respective unit where those are used. A sophisticated access control system in FreeeCenter ensures that every organization can only see her own SIM cards.

FreeeCenter can be branded to mirror your organizations look and feel.

Freeeway CMP Platform

Your requirements

When a company sells a product that is “connected”, all needs of the different organisations involved in the value chain must be covered. Product Design, Product Management, Production, Systems Integration, Logistics, Installation, Maintenance, Billing and much more… Each one has its own needs related to information-flow and business processes. It must be possible to split the resposnibilities between different organisations who execute all these activities.

Products are designed and planned in-house, built by external organizations, distributed through partners and maintained by local service providers.

With our modern SIM-Management Portal it must be possible to freely define Organizational Units, Customers and Users. Consequently, it must be possible to administrate Organisation and User rights, in consonance with the activities that each party involved in the Value Chain need to be able to execute. Naturally, this applies for both “persons” in different organizations and “automated business processes” potentially hosted by IT Systems, which are also in different organizations.

The perfect solution for your business

The FreeeCenter Service Management Portal is a Software available via the Web. Customers can have their own private instance in a public or private Cloud.

FreeeCenter is multi-tenant capable. Customers can administrate their FREEEWAY SIM Cards and Services by themselves. Furthermore, a powerful User Management System makes it possible to define Branches, Departments, Groups, Customers, Partners, etc.

At the highest level, the system reflects the relationship between FREEEWAY and its Customer. The the customer can define further levels, in which its relationship with other Organizational Units can be defined and managed. The Customer can then assign SIM-Cards to those subsequent levels, and/or organizations at those lower levels can administrate themselves their relationship with the following levels.

Details about the SIM Cards, Rules for assigning IP-Addresses, Usage Profiles, Security Settings, Tarifs, Information about the usage and consumption, Device Management Functions or Notifications ect., can all be individually defined and administrated, from a large group of SIM Cards to a single one…

For the purpose of integrating FreeeCenter in an existing System on your (or your organization’s) environment, all functions are available via REST APIs.

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