FreeeControl - full control of your cards and traffic

Freeeway is the first Telecommunication Provider to offer a Cloud-based Content Filter Technology platform, which can control and protect the Data Flow of each individual SIM Card, according to individual rules that can apply from a single SIM Card to a large group of them.

In M2M and IoT, controlling the Dataflow between the device and the back-end infrastructure can be of vital importance. At this point a differentiation between the Web and the Internet must be made.

M2M and IoT applications use the Internet as IP Network. The potential access to millions of Web sites is in many cases not desirable. The same can be applicable to Mobile Corporate Applications. Allowing devices to have unlimited access to the Internet can go from not being desirable  to represent a high potential risk in terms of system integrity and cost.

FreeeControl is a Content Filter Technology, which can be individually activated and configured for each SIM Card. It can be used with each FREEEWAY SIM Card without any additional cost.

White or Black Lists with Access Addresses control the Dataflow for each SIM Card. For each SIM-Card or Group of SIM Cards, one or several lists can be assigned.

When developing an IoT solution or service, it is of essence that the actual Dataflows can be monitored and analysed. With FreeeControl you can monitor the data Flow on both sides of the Content Filter, this way you can check what the device is trying to access and what it is actually allowed to access. FreeeControl will provide you with reports about this, so that during the development phase you can better understand the behaviour of your device. This is specially useful when having third party components in your solutions, which can otherwise escape your control when accessing the Internet.

FreeeControl will also allow you to differentiate the volume of data that corresponds to each one of the Lists you define. With this information you will be able to differentiate which applications are using how much data, and eventually apply individual charges for the usage of one or several applications.

Basic Concept and Use Cases

Fundamentally, White/Black Lists with Internet Addresses are assigned to SIM cards. Through this assignment, you will set the rules about what the device can do when it comes to accessing the Internet using Mobile Networks. One or several lists can be assigned to the SIM-Cards. So you can define different combinations of lists depending on which combinations of services a device is supposed to be able to execute.



Let’s suppose a Telematics Service Provider distributes a solutions that consists of Hardware, Software and SIM Cards. The device has a pre-defined amount of data that can be consumed in any country Worldwide. Obviously, an unlimited access to services such as Spotify, Youtube, GoogleMaps and others would consume the Data-budget very quickly and eventually lead to very high costs. Therefore, misuse of the SIM Card needs to be prevented. 

By applying a White-List, the Telematics Service Provider can be sure that while using a FREEEWAY SIM-Card, only access to the addresses that are relevant for the system to work will be allowed. Any other traffic will be blocked. Data will be available for its legitimate purpose and high costs will be avoided.

If the Telematics Service Provider wants to add new functions requiring access to other Addresses, a new List can be easily defined and assigned to the SIM-Cards, which are installed in devices that are meant to use those functions. As easy as that.

Black Lists

Let’s suppose a provider of Self Service Terminals offers an Internet Access to its customers. However, pages that are not adequate for all users (gaming, adult, illegal content channels) should be blocked.

FREEEWAY provides ready-and-maintained Black Lists, classified according to different categories, which can also be assigned to a single SIM-Card or a Group of them. All traffic related to the unwanted content will be blocked.

Through the centralised administration and management of the White/Black Lists, a huge benefit is gained. To rollout a change it is not necessary anymore to modify parameters on each device, nor to wait that each individual device is switched on and/or online. Or even to execute on-site maintenance tasks. Instead, a change is applied to a List in FreeeControl and the change applies to all devices immediately.

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