Multiple Rating Models

With our Online Usage Controller (OUC) we support all important rating models such as:

  • Network based Tariffs, with a dedicated price per mobile network
  • Zone based Tariffs, with a unified price for all networks in a geographic area/zone
  • Usage control for pre- and postpaid sessions
  • Pro-Rating, where always the active Tariff is applied to rate events
  • Retro-Rating, where the most recent Tariff is used for all events in the Billing Cycle
  • Pooling of SIM Cards on Flexible Pools for postpaid plans, Static Pools for pre- and postpaid models
  • Support for multi-IMSI and eSIM models
  • Split billing based on APNs
  • Revenue / Profit and Sales commission models for MVNOs and Reseller
Freeeway CMP Platform

M2M Billing

We support multiple Billing relationships.

  • Billing as a Service: If a you have an existing contract with a mobile operator for IoT Connectivity, but the operator cannot provide invoices for the customers client, Freeeway processes the call-detail-records and split the operator bill to your clients.
  • Freeeway has a direct billing relationship with B2B clients for the provision of IoT Connectivity.
  • We enable our MVNOs to create their own invoice for their clients
  • Re-seller of IoT Connectivity for Consumers benefit from commission payments from Freeeway. In this case Freeeway acts as IoT Connectivity provider towards the consumer.

Global Payments

  • Paper and electronic invoices
  • SEPA
  • Credit Cards
  • Direct Debit

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