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Are you curious how is it to work with the freeeway team? We asked our colleague, Vincenzo, to share his thoughts after half a year of being with us. What is his story and how does he feel after this period of time? Continue reading…

It’s not your usual work-story

If you think you are about to read a post about some guy’s experience at starting up his n-th position in operations management, think again.

If you think I will write anything about platforms, infrastructure, services, or partnerships, you would be wrong again.

What I will write about is actually how the right company can give you a new lease on life!


How it all started…

June marks six months since I began my adventure in freeeway. Quite a different type of company from what I have been involved in. In fact, I have lived all my professional life in a corporate world, and it has been quite a journey. More than 25 years, in fact, each role with its highs and its lows.

2020, however, was a particularly hard year for me. Personal events and the pandemic took a toll on my life. As a result, I found myself approaching the big five-oh thinking that maybe that was it. It was time to slow down and opt for more comfortable and less eventful positions.

Then, In June last year, I was just having a chat with a very dear friend and colleague of mine. He told me about freeeway, what the company was trying to achieve, and its growth over the past period. It piqued my interest. So much so that the very same day, I reached out.

What started then was one of the best dialogues I have had in a very long time.

I got to know more about the company, its spirit, and its mission. Each iteration making me more wide-eyed. What I was witnessing was not only ambition; it was a vision backed up by solid growth, deep technical and market understanding, and above all, passion.

After a while, we agreed to collaborate. So, in January this year, I took my position as Head of Operations and settled down in my new office (which, like everything in freeeway, is open and bright).


The early days at freeeway

This is always a difficult task; you’re starting up again, new company, new colleagues, new challenges, and you know that the learning curve will test you and exhaust you.

Oh boy, was I in for a surprise! freeeway takes that learning curve and turns it into a vertical line!

In most cases, that would be a daunting task, but what happens at freeeway is amazing: you are not the only one trying to get on top of that line; you have everyone in the company (your boss, your colleagues, everyone) cheering you on and helping you at each step.

The thing is that everyone climbs that same ladder with you.

The reason is very simple; we are always growing, adapting, and most importantly, innovating. We ensure that our technology is on par with the next market evolution. We keep our processes secure and efficient but as lean as possible. We give the company direction while ensuring everyone within it can contribute. It is not a small feat.

Everyone runs because they feel the urgency. Everyone pushes because they want to succeed. And everyone strives because the same vision that incited me in joining is actually a constant, apparent, and living entity within the company. Finally, it makes people give their best because it is downright exciting.

After these first six months, I finally get it. Freeeway takes your future and puts it right in front of you. So close, in fact, that you cannot help yourself from constantly running forward wanting to catch it!

Forget the big five-oh and forget slowing down: I’m alive, kicking, and ready to take on more!


You could become one of us!

We are constantly looking for inspiring and skilled people to join our team at Freeeway. If you enjoyed this view on Vincenzo’s first half a year with our team – make sure to check our open positions here and follow us on Linkedin to learn firsthand about the new openings.

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